Digimon Adventure:

  • Alternative titles

  • - Digimon Adventure:
    - デジモンアドベンチャー:

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  • Tv: Fuji TV

  • Status: Airing from 05-04-2020 to ...

  • Episodes: 67

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  • Description

  • Taichi is in fifth grade and preparing for a summer camping trip when a large-scale network malfunction occurs. Taichi's mother and his younger sister Hikari get stuck on a train that won't stop moving, and Taichi heads to Shibuya in order to help them. However, on his way there, he encounters a strange phenomenon that sweeps him up into the Digital World along with the other DigiDestined.


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Digimon Adventure: Ep: 66 at 09:00 on Fuji TV - 19-09-2021
Digimon Adventure: Ep: 67 at 09:00 on Fuji TV - 26-09-2021

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