Shokugeki no Souma: Shin no Sara

  • Alternative titles

  • - Shokugeki no Souma: Shin no Sara
    - 食戟のソーマ 神ノ皿

  • Informations

  • Tv: Tokyo MX

  • Status: Finished, aired from 12-10-2019 to 28-12-2019

  • Episodes: 12

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  • Description

  • With the Central Gourmet Organization ruling over the academy, the students are no longer allowed to cook freely. Soma and friends stood against the regime and as a result, they were labeled as rebels of the Academy. The Season of the Advancement Exams arrived and some of Soma’s friends lose and are sentenced to be expelled. In order to breakthrough this situation, Soma and the remaining rebels challenge new Council members and the Azami regime to a Régiment du Cuisine. The 1st bout was won by the rebels with ease but this is only the beginning of the battle to decide their fates. The 2nd bout is about to begin.


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