Houkago Saikoro Club

  • Alternative titles

  • - Houkago Saikoro Club
    - 放課後さいころ倶楽部

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  • Tv: ABC

  • Status: Airing from 03-10-2019 to ...

  • Episodes: 12

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  • Aya moves and starts to attend an all-girls high school in Kyoto. Her first friend is her reserved classmate Miki. After school one day, the committee chairwoman Midori takes them both to an analogue game specialty shop called "Saikoro Club" (Dice Club). There, they start playing a German board game without thinking. Thus begins Aya and Miki's search for fun through the world of analogue games. (from manga)


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Houkago Saikoro Club Ep: 12 at 02:11 on ABC - 19-12-2019

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