Wednesday, 16 September 2020


Ijou Seibutsu Kenbunroku

Ep: 11 at 00:30 on BS Fuji

Yoshihito lives by himself, has no girlfriend, and no job. To make ends meet, he rents out a room in his attic. He meets a somewhat ridiculous girl named Lili Ryu who is looking for work, and offers his room as a place for her to stay. While showing her the room, the two of them are suddenly attacked by a vampire, and Lili transforms to defend them. Thus Yoshihito gets inducted into the world of mysterious creatures that exists alongside our own.

Ahiru no Sora

Ep: 48 at 17:55 on TV Tokyo

He’s short, weak, and has just transfered to a new school. Kurumatani Sora is the main character in this story who loves basketball. He has been shooting hoops ever since he was little and has been trying to grow tall just like his mother, who “used” to be a basketball player. (from manga)


Ep: 10 at 22:00 on Tokyo MX

The Year is 2030 Japan. A virus outbreak has covered the earth. Once infected, patients become monsters and change their form depending on age, sex and nationality. The virus is called “Gibier”. An Edo era time traveling samurai and shinobi appear in the post apocalyptic ruins. Helping a doctor who has dedicated his career for researching the cure for “Gibier”, hordes of Gibier come after them along with outlaws searching for food - everywhere they turn, danger is upon them.


Ep: 11 at 23:30 on AT-X

In the distant future, the human population has been decimated fighting the mysterious creatures known as Gadoll. The few survivors band together to build a mobile fortress known as Deca-Dence, from which they can mount their resistance to the enemy. Natsume has wanted to be a soldier since she was a child, but she is instead sent to work under the apathetic armorer Kaburagi. One day, however, they become embroiled in a battle with the Gadoll while working, and Natsume witnesses Kaburagi take down one Gadoll after another.

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