Thursday, 21 May 2020


Tower of God

Ep: 8 at 00:30 on Tokyo MX

It is said that if you manage to climb to the top of the Tower of God, any wish will be granted. Rachel can't bear to live in darkness anymore and so, despite her friend Bam's wishes, she opens the door to the Tower to begin her ascent. Bam, in despair, follows her, only to learn that ascending the Tower isn't as easy as just walking up stairs. A strange creature named Headon tells him that he will have to pass tests to prove his worth, the first of which is evading a steel eel and breaking a black orb. Aided by Princess Yuri of Jahad and her companion Evan, Bam gains the magic sword Black March and is able to move on to the second floor. Rachel can't be all that far ahead – but it may cost him to pursue her.

BNA: Brand New Animal

Ep: 7 at 00:55 on Fuji TV

In the 21st century, the existence of animal-humans came to light after being hidden in the darkness of history. Michiru lived life as a normal human, until one day she suddenly turns into a tanuki-human. She runs away and takes refuge in a special city area called "Anima City" that was set up 10 years ago for animal-humans to be able to live as themselves. There Michiru meets Shirō, a wolf-human who hates humans. Through Shirō, Michiru starts to learn about the worries, lifestyle, and joys of the animal-humans. As Michiru and Shirō try to learn why Michiru suddenly turned into an animal-human, they unexpectedly get wrapped up in a large incident.


Ep: 19 at 01:05 on Tokyo MX

In the year 305 of the Alcian calendar, the world is ruled by "Counts" (numbers). Hina's mother has a dying request: that Hina find a certain person. Hina then meets Rihito, a swordsman who wears a mask and who keeps his true identity a secret. Rihito wields his long sword to protect young women and to clear away the darkness of the world. (from manga)

Norimono Man Mobile Land no Car-kun

Ep: 8 at 17:20 on NHK-E

Hachinantte Sore wa Nai Deshou!

Ep: 8 at 21:00 on AT-X

Shingo Ichinomiya was a young, single salaryman when he fell asleep one night at his dinner table. When he awakens, he's at a different dinner table during a wedding ceremony and in the body of a 5-year-old boy, whom he later learns is Wendelin von Benno Baumeister. Although he initially has the impression that he's part of a well-off noble family, he soon discovers that it was all for show; his family is actually poor and illiterate and lives in a thinly-populated area on the outskirts of civilization. Further, he's the youngest of eight sons, which doesn't bode well for his prospects. However, he also discovers that he can read the local writing, which leads to him discovering that he has a rare aptitude for wind magic. When he encounters Alfred Rainford, a former court wizard who also specializes in wind magic, his prospects start looking up.


Ep: 8 at 23:30 on AT-X

Kakushi Gotō doesn't want his daughter Hime to know that he is a manga creator. (from manga)

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