Sunday, 22 December 2019


Boku-tachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai 2

Ep: 12 at 00:30 on Tokyo MX

Kono Oto Tomare! 2

Ep: 25 at 01:00 on Tokyo MX

Taeko no Nichijou

Ep: 12 at 01:10 on ABC

Star ☆ Twinkle Precure

Ep: 45 at 08:30 on TV Asahi

Hikaru meets aliens Lala, Prunce, and Fuwa while watching the night sky. She learns of the "Star Palace," where the 12 Star Princesses of the constellations kept the balance of the universe until they were attacked. Lala is searching for the legendary Precure warriors to help find the 12 scattered "Princess Star Color Pens" and revive the princesses. When Fuwa is captured by an enemy, Hikaru wishes to save Fuwa, and a Star Color Pendent and a Star Color Pen appear to allow her to transform into Cure Star. From then on she works to collect the pens and raise Fuwa, who is the key to reviving the princesses.

GeGeGe no Kitarō

Ep: 86 at 09:00 on Fuji TV

One Piece

Ep: 915 at 09:30 on Fuji TV

Greatness,Glory,Gold. A Pirate Named Gold Roger also known as the Pirate King has conquered this all. He was executed with an unknown reason but before he died he had revealed his last word about The legendary Treasure named One Piece which was hidden in the Grand Line. 22 years after his Death, A Pirate named Monkey D. Luffy appeared and has only one Goal, To Become the Next Pirate King and Find The Treasure One Piece. This Start The Never Ending Adventure...

Kiratto Pri☆Chan

Ep: 89 at 10:00 on TV Tokyo

First-year middle school girls Mirai Momoyama and Emo Moegi are two aspiring idols who decide to use the "Pri☆Chan System," a system used by famous people and companies to broadcast content. Like many girls starting their own channels and uploading content, the pair decide to become their own producers, starting their own channel in an attempt to become Pri☆Chan idols.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Ep: 137 at 17:30 on TV Tokyo

Pocket Monsters (TV 2019)

Ep: 6 at 18:00 on TV Tokyo

Ensemble Stars!

Ep: 24 at 22:30 on Tokyo MX

Tenka Hyakken

Ep: 11 at 22:54 on BS11

Mitsurugi are maidens who are physical incarnations of ancient swords. They have pledged to live peaceful lives after the era of warfare, but are now returning to battle to fight a new foe that has arisen during an alternate version of the Meiji Era, three hundred years after the Battle of Sekigahara.

Rifle is Beautiful

Ep: 10 at 23:00 on Tokyo MX

Hikari Kokura is an incoming high school student who is excited to join her school's shooting club. However, when she gets there, she learns that the club has been shut down, so she must revive it. (from manga)

ACTORS -Songs Connection-

Ep: 12 at 23:30 on AT-X

Fairy gone 2

Ep: 24 at 23:59 on AT-X

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