Monday, 04 November 2019


Vinland Saga

Ep: 17 at 00:10 on NHK

Thorfinn is son to one of the Viking's greatest warriors, but when his father is killed in battle by the mercenary leader Askeladd, he swears his intent to have revenge. Thorfinn joins Askeladd's group in order to challenge him to a duel, and ends up caught in the middle of a war for the crown of England. (from manga)

Africa Salaryman

Ep: 5 at 00:30 on Tokyo MX

XL Joushi

Ep: 5 at 01:00 on Tokyo MX

Saki Watase is a female office worker who is running out of money. She takes a part-time job as a product tester and has to review an XL-size condom. Keisuke Sudō, Saki's "demon boss" she dislikes, reveals that he is XL-size. A romance then develops between Saki and Keisuke.


Ep: 5 at 22:00 on Amazon Prime

Zen Seizaki is a prosecutor with the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors' Office. While investigating illegal acts by a certain pharmaceutical company, Seizaki stumbles across a conspiracy over an election for an autonomous "new zone" established in western Tokyo.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle

Ep: 5 at 22:30 on Tokyo MX

Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth

Ep: 5 at 23:00 on Tokyo MX

Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!

Ep: 5 at 23:30 on AT-X

When she turns ten years old, Adele von Ascham is hit with a horrible headache–and memories of her previous life as an eighteen-year-old Japanese girl named Misato Kurihara. That life changed abruptly, however, when Misato died trying to aid a little girl and met god. During that meeting, she made an odd request and asked for average abilities in her next life. But few things–especially wishes–ever go quite as planned. (from manga)

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