Saturday, 05 October 2019


Bono Bono

Ep: 181 at 05:22 on Fuji TV

Aikatsu on Parade!

Ep: 1 at 10:30 on TV Tokyo

Raki Kiseki is a second-year middle school student who transfers to Star Harmony Academy to become an idol. However, when she uses an Aikatsu Pass she received from her big sister (an Aikatsu engineer), something mysterious happens. Lots of doors appeared before her, and when she opens them, she meets Aikatsu idols she never knew before, such as Yume Nijino. Raki vows to design her own premium dress and perform in it on stage.

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Ep: 1 at 17:35 on NHK-E

Ikoma is a kind-hearted 14-year-old boy whose parents sell him to demons for their own selfish interests. However, the demon he is sold to has no grandson of his own, so he dotes on Ikoma and sends him to demon school. (from manga)

Val x Love

Ep: 1 at 23:00 on AT-X

High schooler Akutsu Takuma has learned to accept his lonely lot in life and is content surrounded by his studies, but when the god Odin taps him to save the world alongside nine Valkyries fueled by intimacy, Takuma can say good-bye to his solitary existence. (from manga)

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