Tuesday, 08 January 2019


Pastel Memories

Ep: 1 at 00:30 on BS Fuji

Akihabara is known as a shining beacon for otaku culture everywhere. But in a not-to-distant the future, that culture is on the decline due to a mysterious affliction causing widespread memory loss. As a result, Akihabara has lost its luster. However, in one of the few remaining otaku shops, Izumi and a handful of comrades hatch a plan to restore lost memories and return “Akiba” to its former glory.

Captain Tsubasa (2018)

Ep: 40 at 01:35 on TV Tokyo

Bakutsuri Bar Hunter

Ep: 14 at 17:55 on TV Tokyo

Totta loves to fish. One day a bar soul named Potepen appears from the barcode on Totta's bag of potato chips. Together, Totta and Potepen use a special "Bakutsuri" bar rod item to fish for other bar souls.

Black Clover

Ep: 65 at 18:25 on TV Tokyo

Asta is a young boy who dreams of becoming the greatest mage in the kingdom. He only has one problem, he can't use magic. Luckily for Asta, he receives the incredibly rare five-leaf clover grimoire that gives him the power of anti-magic. Even though he can't use magic, he plans to become the Wizard King. (from manga)

Shōnen Ashibe GO! GO! Goma-chan

Ep: 27 at 18:45 on NHK-E

Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!

Ep: 1 at 22:00 on AT-X

Miyako Hoshino is a shy college student and otaku. Miyako's younger sister Hinata, who is a fifth grader, has a classmate and friend named Hana. When they meet, Miyako falls for Hana at first sight. (from manga)

Circlet Princess

Ep: 1 at 23:00 on Tokyo MX

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